Grey Table Healthcare


GT Clinics: Maintain Health: GT Clinics, formerly known as Basic, focuses on promoting and maintaining general health and well-being. From large medical centers to small clinics, GT Clinics ensures individuals have access to primary care services and preventive measures to uphold a healthy lifestyle and prevent common ailments.

  • Swiftcare: Urgent Health: Advanced, now specializing in urgent care, provides immediate medical attention for acute illnesses and injuries. Committed to swift and effective care, Urgent Health ensures individuals receive prompt treatment in times of urgency, promoting rapid recovery and peace of mind.

  • PAZ: Secure Health Management: PAZ, is dedicated to developing comprehensive health strategies and managing healthcare providers. Through proactive measures and effective management, PAZ ensures individuals receive coordinated care and personalized attention, safeguarding their health and well-being.Coordinating Insurance, Doctors and more

  • Da Vinci Hospital: Regenerate Health: Da Vinci Hospital, formerly Outfirm, focuses on regenerating health and treating complex medical conditions. Named after the Renaissance polymath, Da Vinci Hospital utilizes innovative treatments and therapies to restore health and vitality, offering hope and healing to those facing challenging health issues.

At Grey Table Healthcare, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and personalized care, from urgent needs to complex medical conditions. With our specialized departments working collaboratively, we strive to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Join us at Grey Table Healthcare, where your health is our priority.